Year 2023

Week # 1 Quiz 2

Q1. 8085 microprocessor has the capacity to communicate with

Q2. An Op amp has an open-loop gain of \(10^5\)and an open loop upper cut-off frequency of 10 Hz. If this Op amp is connected as an amplifier with a closed loop gain of 100, then the new upper cut-off frequency is

Q3. The property by virtue of which a protective relay is able to distinguish between normal and abnormal conditions is called

Q4. A series R-L-C circuit will have unity power factor, if operating at a frequency of

Q5. Nichrome is used for

Q6. Power absorbed in a pure inductive circuit is zero because

Q7. The deflecting torque of a moving iron type ammeter is directly proportional to

Q8. The change in collector emitter voltage from 6V to 9V causes increase in collector current from 6mA to 6.3mA. Determine the dynamic output resistance.

Q9. The major application of chopper drive is in_______________.

Q10. The friction losses in Real Transformers are :