Year 2023

Week # 2 Quiz 2

Q1. Which of the following converters has binary input

Q2. The stability of the power system is not affected by

Q3. MOSFET are suitably used were

Q4. A single phase AC regulator fed from 50 Hz system supplies a load having resistance and inductance of 4.0 Ω and 12.73 mH, respectively. The control range of firing angle is

Q5. Torrent Power Ltd. (Ahmedabad Electricity Company) is a/an

Q6. The size of the address bus required to address 1MB memory for an 8 bit processor is

Q7. Laplace transform of a unit step function is

Q8. What is the surge impedance loading of 400 kV line with surge impedance given as 160 ohms

Q9. A Current is alternating current if

Q10. Which of the following materials is used for the manufacture of transformer?