Year 2023

Week # 2 Quiz 3

Q1. The objective of energy management includes

Q2. Four resistors are connected in parallel. Each has a value of 2 ohms. The equivalent resistance of parallel combination is

Q3. Which of the following is used as an active device in electronics circuits?

Q4. The objective of energy management is not be

Q5. A solid iron cylinder is placed in a region containing a uniform magnetic field such that the cylinder axis is parallel to the magnetic field direction. The magnetic field lines inside the cylinder will

Q6. A 741-type Op amp has a gain-bandwidth product of 1MHz. A non-inverting amplifier using this Op amp & having a voltage gain of 20 db will exhibit -3db bandwidth of

Q7. The signal u(t-3) is

Q8. To find the most accurate values of resistance and inductance of the transmission line

Q9. Binary equivalent of the decimal number 35 is :

Q10. A toggle operation is used__________.