Year 2023

Week # 1 Quiz 3

Q1. A voltage source v (t) is connected to an ideal inductor L. It is desired to have a constant current i (t). The nature of the voltage source v (t) must be

Q2. A photovoltaic panel has five modules connected in series, each module having an opencircuit voltage (\(V_{oc}\)) of 12 V and shortcircuit current (\(I_{sc}\)) of 2A. What should be the voltage axis intercept of the IV characteristics of the series system?

Q3. In a series resonant circuit, the impedance of the circuit is

Q4. When two quantities are out of phase, the phase angle between them will be _________.

Q5. The Thevenin's equivalent circuit of a network has \(V_{TH}=30\:V\) and \(R_{TH}=4\:\Omega\). If load resistance is \(36\:\Omega\), find the load current.

Q6. The curve representing ohm's law is

Q7. By performing cascading and/or summing/differencing operations using transfer function blocks \(G_1(s)\) and \(G_2(s)\), one CAN NOT realize a transfer function of the form________________.

Q8. A system is stable for

Q9. The closed loop dynamics of a system is of second order. In order to improve damping of this system, one should

Q10. The transfer function of a Tachogenerator can be best described by