Year 2023

Week # 1 Quiz 3

Q1. Inductor and capacitor does not allow sudden change in ______ and______, respectively.

Q2. The Norton's equivalent current \((I_N)\) between A and B for the circuit is:

Q3. When capacitances are connected in series, the equivalent capacitance

Q4. In series resonance, the resonance frequency is the ________________ the two half power frequencies.

Q5. In case of a balanced three phase sinusoidal AC supply, because of the phase difference

Q6. One HP =

Q7. Lead network is used to __________.

Q8. A system has eigen values -2 and -3. What will be the response of the system?

Q9. Feedback oscillations have a closed loop gain of (where G, H are gain of forward and feedback path)

Q10. If the complex poles of a system have greater real parts, then the overshoot is