Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 1

Q1. Which of the following is used as a data selector?

Q2. A single-phase full-bridge voltage source inverter (VSI) is fed from a 300 V battery. A pulse of 120° duration is used to trigger the appropriate devices in each half-cycle. The rms value of the fundamental component of the output voltage, in volts, is

Q3. Figure shows two thyristors rated 350 A sharing a load current. Current through \(T_2\) is 180A. Current through \(T_1\) will be _____ .

Q4. A dc separately excited motor has a constant field current. The armature is fed from a single-phase supply through a full converter. When \(\alpha = 0\), the speed is 1000 rpm. If \(\alpha = 30°\), the speed is likely to be

Q5. For an SCR gate cathode characteristic is a straight line of 150. For triggered source voltage of 12 V and allowable gate power dissipation of 0.5 W. Compute the gate source resistance.

Q6. A single-phase full-wave uncontrolled bridge rectifier is supplying aresistive load of 22 \(\Omega\), the load current is assumed to be smooth and ripple –free. If the supply voltage is 220V, 50Hz , Calculate the rms output current.

Q7. The reverse recovery time of diode is \(t_{rr} = 3.5 \mu s\) and the rate of change of the diode current is \(di/dt = 20 A/ \mu s\). The stored charge \(Q_{RR}\) is _______

Q8. In a type A chopper, source voltage is 200 V dc, on period = 150 \(\mu sec\) and off period = 100 \(\mu sec\), and load RLE consist of R = 6 \(\Omega\), L = 8 mH, E = 60V. The output current of the chopper will be,

Q9. single phase full wave thyristor converter is supplying an RL load. The supply voltage is 200 V, and triggering angle is 60º. If the load is drawing a constant current from the source the output voltage will be

Q10. A step up chopper has input voltage 110 V and output voltage 150 V. The value of duty cycle is