Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 4

Q1. Point charges 50 nC, -40 nC, and 60 nC are located at (-1,0,8), (0,-1.5,0.5), and (1,1, -1), respectively. The total flux leaving a cube of side 4 m centered at the origin is:

Q2. What is the condition for a continuous-time system to be BIBO stable?

Q3. In the context of linear time-invariant (LTI) systems, what is the response to a unit impulse called?

Q4. In the context of signal sampling, what is the purpose of the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem?

Q5. In a microcomputer, microprocessor is its

Q6. What is the purpose of the STI instruction in the 8086?

Q7. In a Microprocessor, the address of the new next instruction to be executed is stored in

Q8. The 8085 Microprocessor has

Q9. There are _______ general purpose registers in 8085 processor

Q10. When data required for instruction is present inside the register of a microprocessor then which of the following addressing mode is used?