Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 3

Q1. A phasor is a complex number that represents ________ of a sinusoid.

Q2. If \(I_1\), in the given circuit is 1A, what will be the current ,\(I_2\) in the \(2^{nd}\) circuit?

Q3. An open switch has a resistance of

Q4. How should capacitors be discharged?

Q5. Unit of specific resistance of a conductor is

Q6. Wattage rating range of electric kettle is

Q7. Which system cannot be represented by a transfer function?

Q8. The steady state response of a LTI system having transfer function \(\frac{s}{s+3}\) with sinusoidal input \(r(t) = 7 \cos(3t - 40^o)\) is

Q9. The steady-state error due to unit step input to a type-1 system is:

Q10. The transfer function of a Tachogenerator can be best described by