Year 2024

Week # 2 Quiz 2

Q1. The frequency of the emf in the stator of a 4-pole induction motor is 50 Hz, and that in the rotor is 2 Hz. What is the slip and at what speed is the motor running?

Q2. For a single phase transformer, the maximum efficiency occurs at 75% of the load, then \(\frac{iron\:loss\:at\:full\:load}{copper\:loss\:at\:full\:load}=?\)

Q3. Multistep core is used in transformer mainly to

Q4. A dc series motor develops a torque of 20 N-m at 3 A of the load current. If the current is increased to 6 A, the torque developed will be

Q5. The no-load current of a certain transformer is 2 A. Its magnetizing component may be

Q6. The applied voltage of a transformer is increased by 50% and its frequency is reduced to 50%. The maximum core flux density will

Q7. A generator develops 200 V and has an internal resistance of \(100\:\Omega\). Find the power delivered to the load resistance of \(300\:\Omega\).

Q8. The maximum torque in an induction motor depends on

Q9. An 11KV alternator with 8% reactance will have 2% reactance at the base of

Q10. For a given number of poles and armature conductors, a lap winding will carry