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\(\Rightarrow\) Qualexe EdTech is an esteemed online exam preparation portal specializing in services for the Vidhyut Sahayak Junior Engineer (VSJE) exam.

\(\Rightarrow\) Qualexe EdTech provides over 2000+ subject-wise multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with detailed solutions, 16 VSJE specific Test series, and more than 15 previous year papers with comprehensive solutions.

\(\Rightarrow\) Qualexe EdTech offers previous year papers from various GEB VSJE exams, including DGVCL, MGVCL, UGVCJ, PGVCL, and GETCO.

\(\Rightarrow\) The subscription plans are priced at Rs. 149/- for the Silver plan, Rs. 199/- for the Gold plan, and Rs. 249/- for the Platinum plan.

\(\Rightarrow\) The Silver plan is valid for 3 months, the Gold plan for 6 months, and the Platinum plan for 12 months.

 \(\Rightarrow\) Qualexe EdTech is user-friendly and provides comprehensive, expert-prepared MCQs, receiving high praise from students for its effectiveness in preparing for the VSJE exam.

 \(\Rightarrow\) The MCQs on the Qualexe EdTech platform are prepared by experienced subject experts in their respective fields.

\(\Rightarrow\) Students need to register on the Qualexe portal, subscribe to a plan, and then they can easily access the MCQs, test series, and previous year papers.

\(\Rightarrow\) The content remains same across all subscription plans; the only difference is the duration of the plan's validity.

\(\Rightarrow\) Students can attempt the tests only once within the subscription period.

\(\Rightarrow\) Previous year papers help students understand the exam pattern and familiarize them with the types of questions that may appear in the actual exam.

\(\Rightarrow\) The Qualexe portal is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing students to access preparation modules effortlessly after registration and subscription.

\(\Rightarrow\) Students have consistently provided positive feedback, recognizing Qualexe EdTech as an exceptional platform for Electrical Competitive Exam preparation.

\(\Rightarrow\) A new user should register on the Qualexe portal, choose and subscribe to a plan, and then they can conveniently begin accessing the MCQs, test series, and previous year papers.

\(\Rightarrow\) Yes, students can purchase all 16 test series for only Rs. 99/-. However, we recommend enrolling in a complete subscription plan to also access over 2000 subject-wise MCQs and solved previous year papers for a comprehensive preparation experience.

\(\Rightarrow\) Yes, Qualexe EdTech provides dedicated support to assist users with any queries or issues they may encounter. Users can reach out to use by sending an email to for prompt and helpful assistance.