Year 2023

Week # 2 Quiz 1

Q1. A long shunt DC compound generator delivers 110 KW at 220 volts. If \(R_a = 0.01\) ohms, \(R_{se} = 0.002\) ohms and shunt field resistance is of 110 ohms, calculate the value of induced EMF. (consider up to one decimal place)

Q2. The ratio of rotor input, rotor copper loss and rotor output is

Q3. The condition for maximum efficiency of a D.C. generator is

Q4. Two transformers A and B equal outputs and voltage ratio but unequal percentage impedance of 2 and 4 are operating in parallel. The transformer A will be overloaded by___________percent.

Q5. A DC shunt motor running at light load, what happen if the field winding is get opened?

Q6. If 'Pm' is the gross mechanical power developed, 'Pcu' is the rotor copper loss and 's' is the slip of induction motor, then the ratio of rotor copper loss to the gross mechanical power developed is ________ .

Q7. The armature of a three-phase alternator has 240 slots. The armature has 8 poles. Its distribution factor is ____________.

Q8. For providing load power of 100MW at 0.8P.f.lagging. The ratting of an alternator, it's prime mover & transformer should respectively be

Q9. A DC generator supplies a load of 7.5 kW at 200 V. The armature resistance is 0.6 ohm and field resistance is 80 ohms. The generated emf is

Q10. For starting of an induction motor, star/delta starting can be considered equivalent to an auto transformer starter with the ratio of_________.