Year 2023

Week # 2 Quiz 2

Q1. The mechanical angle is________electrical angle.

Q2. A three phase alternator having synchronous reactance 0.2 \(\Omega\) is rated as 100 MVA, 11 kV. Calculate the base current and base impedance.

Q3. In a synchronous motor if the back emf generated in the armature at no load is approximately equal to the applied voltage, then

Q4. If the full-load copper loss of a transformer is 800 W, then the copper loss at half-load is__________.

Q5. If the transformer is applied rated supply voltage with double frequency, then it's hysteresis losses will be

Q6. What should be kVA rating of each transformer in V-V bank when three phase balanced load is 40 kVA?

Q7. which of the following will not prevent a self excited generator from building up to its full voltage?

Q8. A star connected synchronous generator rated at 500 MVA, 50 kV has a reactance of 0.5 pu. Find the ohmic value of the reactance.

Q9. The type of DC generator suitable for battery charging in automobiles is

Q10. A 3\(\phi\)- 4 pole induction motor is supplied from 3-\(\phi\) 50 Hz AC supply. Find the rotor frequency when it runs at 600 RPM.