Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 1

Q1. Four equal value resistors are connected in parallel. 5V are applied across the parallel circuit and 2.5mA are measured from the source. What is the value of each resistor ?

Q2. Two wires are of equal length. One is bent into square loop and the other circular loop. They are suspended in uniform magnetic field and the same current is passed through them. The torque will be

Q3. Five resistors are connected in parallel. Each has a value of 15 \(\Omega\). The Equivalent resistance of the parallel combination is

Q4. One kilowatt-hour is?

Q5. In a 3-phase, 4-wire, 400/230 V system, a lamp \(L_1\) of 100 W is connected to one phase and neutral and a lamp \(L_2\) of 150 W is connected to the second pahse and neutral. If the neutral wire is disconnected accidently, then

Q6. In a star connected resistive network, each resistor has a value of \(100\:\Omega\). If the star to delta conversion is performed, each resistor in delta network will be:

Q7. Two resistances \(R_1\) and \(R_1\) give combined resistance \(4.5\:\Omega\) when in series and \(1\:\Omega\) when in parallel, the resistances are

Q8. In power measurement, two Watt meter readings are \(W_1=600 W\); \(W_2=0 W\), then the power factor will be

Q9. What is the value of charge flow in a conductor if the current is 5A flowing in 3 minute?

Q10. A coil of inductance \(L\) henry is connected in parallel with an \(R\:\Omega\) resistor. The current flowing through resistance and inductance is \(I_R\) and \(I_L\) respectively. What is the value of the current drawn from the supply?