Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 3

Q1. Moving iron instruments can be used on

Q2. How many pressure coils and current coils, respectively, are present in a three-phase dynamometer wattmeter?

Q3. Creep adjustments in single-phase energy metres are done by _______.

Q4. Which of the following is defined as the ratio of the total number of lumens reaching the working plane to the total number of lumens emitting from the source?

Q5. The unit of illumination is

Q6. Which lamp is best suited for lighting an International sports arena?

Q7. In case of________power factor is the highest.

Q8. In the case of a perfect dielectric medium, phase constant \(_{-------------}\) as conductivity increases.

Q9. Divergence of a vector at a point in a vector field is                      quantity.

Q10. A medium behaves like dielectric when \(_{-------------}\)