Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 1

Q1. Demand factor is defined as:

Q2. The circuit breaker is widely used for_________.

Q3. The transient response, with feedback system,

Q4. For a two port network represented with the help of ABCD parameters, the condition for symmetricity is ________.

Q5. What is the frequency response \(H(j \omega)\) for a simple RC high pass filter?

Q6. The smallest change in measured variable to which instrument will respond is ..............

Q7. Identify the INCORRECT application of attracted armature type electromechanical relay?

Q8. According to Gujarat Electricity Industry (Re-organization and Regulation) Act, 2003, the grounding provided for the equipment and lines and earthing grid for substations shall be in accordance with

Q9. Which of the following does the given graph represent?

Q10. The characteristics impedance is given by ( \(Z_{oc}\) - open circuit Impedance, \(Z_{sc}\) - short circuit Impedance )