Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 5

Q1. Which type of BJT configuration is providing the maximum power gain?

Q2. Find the value of \(I_2\).

Q3. In case of a balanced 3 phase load with sinusoidal AC supply, we do not required a neutral wire

Q4. If a single phase induction motor runs at a speed lower then the rated one, the most likely defects is

Q5. The ratio of the velocity of a wave in free-space to that in conducting medium is known as \(_{-------------}\)

Q6. A system is said to be shift(time) invariant only if             

Q7. The stability of the linear system:

Q8. For two port network, z parameters are given as:
\(Z_{11}=5, Z_{12}=1, Z_{21}=1, Z_{22}=3.\)
The network is: _____

Q9. A direct memory access (DMA) transfer replies

Q10. If ACSR conductor has a specification of 48/7, which of the following statements is correct for the conductor?