Year 2023

Week # 1 Quiz 3

Q1. A generator with 1.0 pu terminal voltage supplies power through a step up transformer of 0.12 pu reactance and a double circuit line each having reactance of 'x' pu to infinite bus bar. The infinite bus voltage is 1.0 pu. The steady state stability power limit of the system is 6.25 p.u. If one of the double-circuit is tripped, then resulting steady state stability power limit in p.u. will be

Q2. If the supply frequency for an induction motor is increased by 5%, then the synchronous speed will________

Q3. The return circuit for tramcars is through

Q4. If the reading of two wattmeters are equal and positive in two wattmeter method, the load power factor in a balanced 3-phase 3-wire circuit will be

Q5. What should be the nature of root locus about the real axis?

Q6. What happens to the contents of (RAM) Random access memory, when the power of the computer is turned off? 

Q7. Which of the following methods is the strongest tool to determine the stability and the transient response of the system?

Q8. Major share of power in India is produced through

Q9. Soldering wire is an alloy of

Q10. What is the order of a system \(G(S) =\) \(\frac{s +5}{s(s + 4)(s + 2)}?\)