Year 2023

Week # 4 Quiz 3

Q1. What is the share of renewable energy in the total installed generation capacity in India?

Q2. The various types of the instruments, which requires during audit need to be

Q3. The instruction that is used for finding out the codes in case of code conversion problems is

Q4. Which of the following materials is not a semiconductor?

Q5. Which of the following is the best method for determining the stability and transient response ?

Q6. According to Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, what is the declared voltage for single phase in LT and HT?

Q7. The characteristic equation of the system is \(s^3+2s^2+4s-2=0\), the system will be_____.

Q8. In 8085, TRAP is

Q9. Bundled conductors are mainly used in high voltage overhead transmission lines to

Q10. If receiving end voltage is more than the sending end voltage, this effect is known as__________.