Year 2023

Week # 4 Quiz 4

Q1. Poynting vectors gives the \(_{-------------}\).

Q2. A Signal has frequency components from 300 Hz to 1.8 KHz. The minimum possible rate at which the signal has to be sampled is more than ______.

Q3. What is the condition for sampling theorem to be true? \(\omega_s=\) sampling frequency, \(\omega_m =\) highest frequency in the input

Q4. What is the time-domain representation of the impulse function?

Q5. Which of the following is a software interrupt?

Q6. Which of the following technology was used by Intel to design its first 8-bit microprocessor?

Q7. Which one of the following circuits transmits two messages simultaneously in one direction?

Q8. The first microprocessor to include virtual memory in the Intel microprocessor family is

Q9. In pin diagram of 8085 , pin number 32 is ______.

Q10. If OR and XOR instruction is executed in 8085 microprocessor then which flags are fixed