Year 2024

Week # 2 Quiz 5

Q1. A 3-phase transmission line is being supported by three disc insulators. The potentials across top unit (i.e., near to the tower) and middle unit are 8 kV and 12 kV respectively. Calculate the ratio of capacitance between pin and earth to the self-capacitance of each unit.

Q2. A string insulator has \(3\) units. The voltage across bottom most unit is \(11 kV\) and its efficiency is \(85 \%\). Find the total operating voltage.

Q3. A line operating at 50 Hz is 81% series compensated. The resonating frequency is

Q4. In a cable of conductor diameter 'd' and overall diameter with dielectric material 'D', the maximum dielectric stress.

Q5. In a power system, active power is influenced with

Q6. PLCC is used in substation which do not include among following

Q7. Two part tariff charges are for

Q8. Find GMR of a stranded conductor having seven identical strands each of radius r as shown in Fig.

Q9. A cable has inductance of 0.22 mH per km and capacitance of 0.202 \(\mu\)F per km. The surge impedance of the cable is

Q10. Which one of the following statements is TRUE?