Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 1

Q1. The corona loss on a particular system at \(50 Hz\) is \(2 kW/km/phase\). What is the corona loss at \(100 Hz\) in \(kW/km/phase\)?

Q2. Which of the following statements are TRUE?
(i) The isolators of the bus coupler shall operate only when the bus coupler is closed.
(ii) The earthing switch shall close only when the isolator is open.
(iii) The line isolator shall close only when the corresponding circuit breaker and the earthing switch are open.

Q3. The photovoltaic array comprises of 16 modules each with a rating of 160 W peak. Taking the derating of array as 0.77, and daily sunshine hours of 6, the DC energy output of the array is

Q4. A system has connected load of 120 KW, peak load of 100 KW, base load of 25 KW and average load of 48 KW. The load factor of the consumer is,

Q5. The inertia constants of two groups of machines which do not swing together are \(M_1 \: and \: M_2\). the equivalent inertia constant of the system is

Q6. The specifications of an FS-380 solar module is presented as below. Nominal power \(80 \: W\), Voltage at \(P_{max}\) is \(50.7 \: V\), Current at \(P_{max}\) is \(1.58 \: A\), Open circuit voltage is \(61.7 \: V\), Short circuit current is \(1.76 \: A\). The area of the module is \( 0.72 \: m^2\). What is the efficiency of the module under standard test conditions \(1000 \: W/m^2\).

Q7. For increase in the line voltage, which of the following does not take place ?

Q8. The……………...system produces the greatest magnitude of ground fault current when a fault to ground occurs.

Q9. Bundled conductors are mainly used in high voltage overhead transmission lines to

Q10. A thermal generating station has an installed capacity of 15 MW and supplies a load of 10 MW for 12 hours and 5 MW for remaining 12 hours. The plant capacity factor for this station is