Year 2023

Week # 1 Quiz 5

Q1. Roots with higher multiplicity on the imaginary axis makes the system :

Q2. The initial response when the output is not equal to input is called

Q3. Which of the following is false for an open control system?

Q4. In a control system, when the gain is increased beyond a certain value, the system becomes:

Q5. A band limited signal is sampled at Nyquist rate. The signal can be recovered by passing the sample through

Q6. Steady state error of Type-1 system in terms of Gain \(K\) for a ramp input is _______.

Q7. Which among the following constitute the state model of a system in addition to state equations?

Q8. The steady-state error is specified (usually) in terms of:

Q9. It is desirable to eliminate 5th harmonic voltage from the phase voltage of an alternator. The coils should be short pitched by an electrical angle of

Q10. A 3 phase induction motor is running at slip S. If its two supply leads are interchanged, its slip at that instant is equal to