Year 2024

Week # 2 Quiz 3

Q1. A 40 KVA transformer has a core loss of 400 W and a full load copper loss of 800 W. The proportion of full load at maximum efficiency is__________.

Q2. An Alternator has phase sequence ABC at it's output terminals, if the direction of field excitation is reversed, then the sequence will be

Q3. DC motor is still a good option for industrial application because it ……

Q4. The commutation in a DC machine involves

Q5. Armature reaction in DC motor is increased \(_{-----------}\)

Q6. When the speed of an alternator is changed from 3000 RPM to 1500 RPM, the generated EMF per phase will become.

Q7. The core of a transformer is laminated to

Q8. Power factor of an alternator depends on

Q9. For transformer stepped cores are used...

Q10. If pole flux in the DC motor approaches zero, its speed will