Year 2023

Week # 2 Quiz 5

Q1. A power station supplies a peak load of 50 MW, 40 MW and 70 MW to three localities. The annual load factor is 0.5 pu and the diversity factor of the load at the station is 1.55, the maximum demand on the station and the average load respectively will be

Q2. A three phase star connected load is drawing power at a voltage of 0.9 pu and 0.8 power factor lagging. The three phase base power and base current are 100 MVA and 437.38 A respectively. The line to line voltage in kV is ______

Q3. A guard ring is used in string type insulator having \(4\) units to improve string efficiency. Find the capacitance of metal link \(3\) if pin to earth capacitance of each unit is \(1 \: F\).

Q4. Grounding is generally done at

Q5. The initial cost of an equipment is \(Rs. \: 10,000.00 \) and its scrap value after useful life is zero. The annual rate of depreciation is \(10 \%\). Using diminishing value method, the depreciation charge for the second year is

Q6. Choice of HRC fuse or rewirable fuse is decided by

Q7. For an EHV transmission line, to increase transmission capacity of the line which of the follwing is used

Q8. A large value of short circuit current indicates

Q9. Star-Star connected power transformer is having CT'S connected on both sides for biased differential protection these CT'S are connected in

Q10. Maximum power transfer capability of transmission line can be increased by