Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 1

Q1. In a bulk oil circuit breaker, the oil actually used for arc extinction is about

Q2. In a three phase, 5 kV, 5 MVA system, what is the base impedance?

Q3. A consumer who consumes more electrical energy should pay

Q4. To increase the capacity of a transmission line for transmitting power, which of the following must be decreased?

Q5. For an existing ac transmission line the string efficiency is 80%. Now if dc voltage is supplied for the same set up, the string efficiency will be

Q6. The circuit breaker must have the following rating(s)

Q7. For a single line to ground fault the zero sequence current is given by j 3.0 p.u., the current carried by the neutral during the fault is

Q8. The clearance between underground cable and gas pipeline is

Q9. A 50 MVA, 11 kV generator has a per unit impedance of 0.5. The per unit impedance of this generator at a new base 100 MVA and ‘X’ kV is 0.25. Determine the value of 'X'.

Q10. Identify the following type of insulator shown in the figure?