Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 3

Q1. The ratio of mobility to the diffusion coefficient in a semiconductor has the units.

Q2. A dc power supply has no-load voltage of 24 V,and a full-load voltage of 20 V at full-load current of 2A. Its output resistance & load regulation, respectiviely are

Q3. If \(\alpha = 0.975\) , \(I_{CO} = 5 \: \mu A\) and \(I_B = 100\: \mu A\) for a transistor, then the value of \(I_C\) will be

Q4. A unit positive step is applied at the input of the circuit shown in the figure. After 20 seconds, the output voltage \(V_o\) will be

Q5. The Q of a tuned amplifier is 50. If the resonant frequency for the amplifier is 1000 kHz, then bandwidth is ……

Q6. The positive clipper can be easily converted into a negative clipper by

Q7. In a rectifier, larger the value of shunt capacitor filter

Q8. The reverse bias in semi conducting devices will

Q9. An op-amp has an open-loop differential voltage gain of 100000 and a common-mode gain of 0.2. Determine the CMRR.

Q10. A tuned amplifier is generally operated in ……………. Operation.