Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 4

Q1. The phenomena known as "Early effect" in a bipolar transistor refers to reduction of effective base-width caused by

Q2. 7805 IC is a

Q3. An FM receiver has an IF frequency that is

Q4. Ripple frequency of the output waveform of a bridge rectifier when fed with a 50 Hz sine wave is

Q5. Schottky diodes are

Q6. The output expression ‘F’ for the combinational logic circuit shown in Fig. is given by

Q7. The binary number 110001.101 is equivalent to decimal number

Q8.  What is the gray code for the binary \(110101\)?

Q9. It is desired to design a binary ripple counter, capable of counting the number of items passing on a conveyor belt. Each time an item passes a given point, a pulse is generated that can be used as a clock input. If the maximum number of items to be counted is 3000, determine the number of flip-flops required.

Q10. The output Y of the logic circuit shown in Fig. is _______ .