Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 2

Q1. Consider a pure resistive heater. The output power of the heater is 1 kW. If it is to be operated with a supply voltage of 250 Volt. its resistance should be,

Q2. How many number of trees are possible for a network possessing 'n' nodes?

Q3. Two sound waves, each of amplitude A and frequency \(\omega\), superpose at a point with a phase difference of \(\frac{\pi}{2}\) . The amplitude and the frequency of the resultant wave are, respectively

Q4. If a charged linear time-in varient capacitor is connected across an uncharged capacitor, then the waveform of the charging current will be

Q5. In following figure, if \(i_1 = i_2 =i_3 = 10 A\), then find \(i_4\).

Q6. The input voltage applied to a \(1\:k\Omega\) resistance in order that a current of 100 mA may flow is:

Q7. An iron cored coil has resistance R and inductance L. It is connected across a capacitor C. At resonance this circuit behaves like

Q8. For a sine wave with peak value \(I_{max} \), the r.m.s. value is ______ \(I_{max} \).

Q9. In a pure LC parallel circuit under resonance condition, the current drawn from the supply is

Q10. In radio, coils are connected to