Year 2024

Week # 2 Quiz 3

Q1. If the field winding of a D. C. shunt motor gets opened while the motor is running,

Q2. For a given DC motor, the speed depends upon

Q3. Which one of the following methods would give higher than value of regulation of an alternator?

Q4. In which of the following motors, the stator and rotor magnetic fields rotate at the same speed?

Q5. The starting torque of cumulative compound motor is ______.

Q6. Which of the following can be used for unity power factor ?

Q7. DC shunt motor are used in those applications where              is required.

Q8. Which of the following defect is most likely to cause a single-phase induction motor to run slower than normal?

Q9. Variable speed motor is DC \(_{-----------}\) motor.

Q10. The flux in transformer core