Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 1

Q1. To increase the capacity of a transmission line for transmitting power, which of the following must be decreased?

Q2. A three phase 50 Hz overhead line has regularly transposed conductors equilaterally placed at 4 m spacing. The capacitance is 0.01 μF/km. Recalculate the capacitance per km to neutral when conductors are in the same horizontal plane with successive spacing of 4m and are regularly transposed.

Q3. Which of the following line is considered in capacitor lumped type?

Q4. A generating station has a maximum demand of 25 MW, a load factor of 60%, then the average demand MW will be

Q5. A cable has inductance of \(0.22 \: mH/km\) and capacitance of \(0.202 \: \mu F/km\). The surge impedance of the cable is

Q6. In a.c. generator, the reverse power protection is applied for

Q7. Surge impedance loading can be increased by

Q8. The neutral of the power system may be connected to earth

Q9. The steady state stability limit is

Q10. In a circuit breaker, the active recovery voltage depends on