Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 2

Q1. A 3-phase inverter delivers power to a resistive load from a DC source '\(V_s\) '. For star connected load of 'R' \(\Omega\) per phase, the RMS value of load current (\(I_{or}\) ) for 180 degree conduction mode is _________.

Q2. A six pulse thyristor rectifier bridge is connected to a balanced 50 Hz three phase ac source. Assuming that the DC output current of the rectifier is constant. The lowest frequency harmonics component of the ac source line current is

Q3. Single phase full converter can operate in

Q4. The purpose of freewheeling diode in a convertor circuit is:

Q5. In an SCR

Q6. The selection of rectifier diode mostly depends on the

Q7. Which chopper circuit operates in all the 4 quadrants?

Q8. Two equal voltages of same frequency applied to the X and Y plates of a CRO, produce a circle on the screen. The phase difference between the two voltages is

Q9. A wheatstone bridge can not be used for precision measurements because errors are introduced into on account of

Q10. Consider the following two statements and identify the correct option.
Statement 1: Piezoelectric transducer requires external power supply for their operation and is not self generating.
Statement 2 : Thermistor do not require any external source of supply for their operation and is self generating.