Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 3

Q1. A delta-connected balanced three-phase load is supplied from a three-phase, 400V supply. The line current is 20A and the power taken by the load is 10 kw. Find the power factor.

Q2. Two waves of same amplitude and frequency with a phase difference of \(\frac{\pi}{2}\) and travelling in same direction are superimposed each other, the maximum amplitude of the resultant wave is

Q3. Which of the following is not a source of reactive power?

Q4. Which linear circuit can be used as an equivalent circuit for a single voltage source and a series resistance?

Q5. An air gap is usually inserted in magnetic circuit so as to

Q6. If the time constant of the serie RL circuit with \(R = 250 \:\Omega\) is 1 sec, find the required value of self-inductance.

Q7. The characteristic equation of a control system is given by \(s^3+2s^2+3s+4=0\). The number of poles in the right-half of the s-plane is:

Q8. The eigenvalues of the system matrix in state-space representation determine the system's:

Q9. A system is stable for

Q10. The Phase of lead compensator of the system \(G(s) = \frac{(s+a)}{(s+b)}\) is at its maximum at: