Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 5

Q1. ___________ is a quantitative measure of how fast the transients die out in the system.

Q2. Which of the following are the not characteristics of the closed loop systems?

Q3. What is the relation between output response and input signal in closed loop system?

Q4. In control system, the Mason's gain formula is used to find _____.

Q5. ___________ has tendency to oscillate.

Q6. The damping ratio of a second-order system affects its:

Q7. Time constant is defined as the time taken by the response of the system to reach ______________?

Q8. Consider a transfer function \(G(s)=\frac{10}{s+1}\)​. The Bode plot of \(G(s)\) consists of:

Q9. The mechanical power developed by a DC motor is maximum when the back e.m.f is

Q10. A 10-pole induction motor is supplied by a 6-pole alternator, which is driven at 1400 rpm. If the motor runs with a slip of 5%, what is its speed?