Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 5

Q1. \((11B)_{16}\) in BCD 8421 code is

Q2. What is the expression for \(Q_{n+1}\), in terms of \(Q_n\), and J and K inputs for a clocked J-K flip-flop with active low J and K inputs? \(Q_n\), and \(Q_{n+1}\) , have the usual meaning,

Q3. The resolution of a D/A converter is 0.4% of full scale rannge. It is a

Q4. A switching function \(f(A, B, C, D) = (\bar A \bar B C D + \bar A B \bar C D + \bar A B C D + A\bar B \bar C D + A \bar B C D \) can also be written a

Q5. The number of significant figures in 0.008403 is

Q6. The asynchronous Moore machine consist of

Q7. Which one is faster to access.

Q8. Any sequential cicuits consist of

Q9. The SOP form of logical expression is most suitable for designing logic circuits using only

Q10. A flip flop is