Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 5

Q1. With feedback _____ increases.

Q2. The initial response when the output is not equal to input is called

Q3. The second derivative input signals modify which of the following ?

Q4. In control system, the Mason's gain formula is used to find _____.

Q5. Which among the following are solely responsible in determining the speed of response of control system?

Q6. The transfer function of a linear system is

Q7. Roots on the imaginary axis makes the system :

Q8. The advantage of using feedback in control systems is that it:

Q9. A 4 pole induction machine is working as an induction generator. The generator supply frequency is 60 Hz. The rotor current frequency is 5 Hz. The mechanical speed of the rotor in rpm is

Q10. Coil wound magnetic core is excited from A.C. voltage source. The source voltage and its frequency are both doubled, the Eddy current loss in the core will become