Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 3

Q1. Which of the following bridges is used for the measurement of very small resistance \((<1 \Omega)\)?

Q2. The Hall Effect Sensor can be used for

Q3. To prevent the loading of the circuit under test the input impedance of the CRO must be

Q4. The illumination level in houses is in the range of,

Q5. The type of braking used in electric traction system is

Q6. In arc welding the temperature of arc produce is on the order of ______ \( ^\circ C\).

Q7. The purpose of providing a choke in a tube light is

Q8. In the case of a linear material medium,                 _ equation can be derived easily from Gauss' law.

Q9.                             product of two unit vectors is the third unit vector.

Q10. With reference to Ampere's circuital law, which of the following statement is incorrect?