Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 5

Q1. The resolution of a 12 bit analog to digital converter in percent in

Q2. What is the primary purpose of a flip-flop's setup time and hold time specifications in digital circuits?

Q3. For the circuit shown in Figure, taking open as '0' and closed as '1', the output expression Y is given as

Q4. It is desired to have 64×8 memory. However if the available memory size is 16×4, then how many such memories are required to fulfill the requirement?

Q5. When simplified with Boolean Algebra (x + y)(x + z) simplifies to

Q6. What is the quantising error of a 10-bit A/D converter?

Q7. Which of the following memories is non-volatile and retains information even after the power is turned off

Q8. \(A + \bar A\) has logic value

Q9. In a JK Flip-Flop, toggle means

Q10. Signed numbers should be represented by