Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 2

Q1. 5 thyristors rated 200 V in series. The operating voltage of the string is 900 V. Derating factor of the string is

Q2. The reverse recovery time of diode is \(t_{rr} = 3.5 \mu s\) and the rate of change of the diode current is \(di/dt = 20 A/ \mu s\). The stored charge \(Q_{RR}\) is _______

Q3. Which device is sometimes known as "Gateless Triac"?

Q4. A power MOSFET has three terminals called_________.

Q5. Number of converter used in static scherbius drive

Q6. Which is a bidirectional current capability device ?

Q7. Which semiconductor device acts like a diode and two transistors?

Q8. The meter constant of an energy meter is 2000 revolutions/kWhr, the disc makes 4000 revolutions in the given time. The total energy consumed is

Q9. The principle of operation of LVDT is based on variation of

Q10. Which of the following is the disadvantage of PMMC instruments?