Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 2

Q1. An ideal resistor and an ideal inductor are connected in series. The series combination is connected to an ideal sinusoidal AC supply. The magnitude of voltage across resistor is 50 Volt and that across the inductor is 120 Volt. The magnitude of supply voltage must be:

Q2. In the figure shown below, if the current I decreases at a rate of \(\beta\), then \(V_P-V_Q\) is:

Q3. If a charged linear time-in varient capacitor is connected across an uncharged capacitor, then the waveform of the charging current will be

Q4. Crest factor of rectangular wave form is

Q5. Three balanced delta-connected resistors consume a power of 1500 W from a symmetrical 3-phase supply. If these resistors are reconnected in star across the same supply, the power consumed would be

Q6. Form factor of triangle wave form is

Q7. An ideal voltage source will charge an ideal capacitor

Q8. If the voltage across a \(5\:\mu F\) capacitor is \(V(t)=40\cos(6000t)\) volt, then the current through it is:

Q9. Time constant of a series RC circuit is equal to

Q10. If the material has negative temperature coefficient, the resistance ______ with increase in temperature.