Year 2024

Week # 2 Quiz 2

Q1. Transformer offers negative voltage regulation when its operating power factor is

Q2. The transformer has a turns ratio of 4:1. The resistance of the HV winding is 8 ohms and that of the LV winding is 1 ohm. The total resistance on HV side in ohms is

Q3. A 5 kVA transformer has iron losses and full load copper losses are 250 W, 350W respectively. The tranformer will deliver maximum efficiency when the total loss is

Q4. Which of the following transformer is smallest?

Q5. A transformer has maximum efficiency at 3/4 full load. The ratio of Iron loss and full load copper loss is

Q6. The best method for speed control of 3-phase induction motor is

Q7. A 3\(\phi\)- 4 pole induction motor is supplied from 3-\(\phi\) 50 Hz AC supply. Find the rotor frequency when it runs at 600 RPM.

Q8. A T-T transformer can not be parallel with              transformer

Q9. An eight-pole wave-connected armature has 600 conductors and is driven at 625 rev/min. If the flux per pole is 20 mWb, determine the generated emf.

Q10. Which of the following is NOT true for the maximum torque in the three-phase induction motor?