Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 1

Q1. If the voltages at the two ends of a line are 132 KV, and its reactance is 40 ohm, the stability limit of line is

Q2. The booster is inserted in the circuit to

Q3. If, for a given alternator in economic operation mode, the incremental cost is given by \((0.012P + 8) Rs/MWh, \: dP_L/dP = 0.2\) and plant \(\lambda = 25\), then power generation is

Q4. The operating time of a fuse is about

Q5. When a circuit breaker interrupts a small inductive current, chopping is likely to occur. The breaker is

Q6. If the positive, negative and zero sequence reactances of an element of a power system are 0.3, 0.3 and 0.8 pu respectively, then the element would be

Q7. An over head line with series compensation is protected using

Q8. An alternating having an inducer count of 1.6 p.u. is connected to infinite bus of 1.0 p.u. The bus bar has reactance of 0.6 p.u. and alternator has reactance of 0.2 p.u. How much maximum power can be transferred ?

Q9. The minimum clearance between the ground and a 220 kV line is about

Q10. Ferranti effect can be compensated by which of the following