Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 2

Q1. An ideal resistor and an ideal inductor are connected in series. The series combination is connected to an ideal sinusoidal AC supply. The magnitude of voltage across resistor is 50 Volt and that across the inductor is 120 Volt. The magnitude of supply voltage must be:

Q2. For the Thevenin's equivalent network, the correct expression for load current \(I_L\) is ______.

Q3. The peak factor of a half-wave rectified sine wave is_________.

Q4. The graph of an electrical network has N nodes and B branches. The number of links L with respect to the choice of a tree, is given by

Q5. The impedance at the resonant frequency of a series RLC circuit with L=20 mH, C=0.02 \(\mu\)F, and R=100 ohms is ________.

Q6. In a series RLC circuit, the value of resistance is 30 \(\Omega\), reactance of inductor is j50 \(\Omega\) is and reactance of capacitor is -j50 \(\Omega\). The circuit is applied a voltage source of 100 V with a phase angle of 20 ˚. The reactive power drawn from the source in the described network is

Q7. Weber/Ampere turn meter is the unit of:

Q8. Find the y-parameter '\(Y_{11}\)' for the given network.

Q9. Three similar resistors are connected in star across 400V, three-phase lines. The line current is 5A. Calculate the value of each resistor.

Q10. The r.m.s. value of the voltage \(V(t) = 3 + 4 \cos 3t\) is _______V.