Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 5

Q1. Feedback control system has transfer function given by \(F(S) = \frac{6 (S+1) (S+6)}{S^3(S+2) (S+4)}\).
It is a type

Q2. What should be the nature of root locus about the real axis?

Q3. What is the ratio of amplitude of response to that of the input called?

Q4. From which of the following transfer function can be obtained ?

Q5. Root Locus is locus of the.

Q6. Time constant is defined as the time taken by the response of the system to reach ______________?

Q7. Angle condition for complimentary root locus or inverse root locus is

Q8. The type of a transfer function denotes the number of

Q9. The rotor of a four-pole, 50 Hz slip-ring induction motor has a resistance of \(0.2\:\Omega\) per phase and runs at 1425 rpm at full-load. Determine the external resistance per phase which must be added to reduce the speed to 1200 rpm, the torque remaining same in both the cases.

Q10. The regulation of an alternator is likely to be negative in case of