Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 4

Q1. The Interpoles in the DC Machine has a tapering shape in order to

Q2. For a sine wave with peak value \(I_{max} \), the r.m.s. value is ______ \(I_{max} \).

Q3. In AC supply, an SCR can exercise control over

Q4. A large value of short circuit current indicates

Q5. two's complement of a binary number 1010 is

Q6. What is the ratio of amplitude of response to that of the input called?

Q7. Chemical used in transformer breather is

Q8. An astable multivibrator can be triggered

Q9. For the transfer function \(M(s) = s + 2\), the polar plot for \(0 \leq\) \(\omega\) \(\leq\) \(\infty\) is____________.

Q10. The torque speed characteristic of a d.c. series motor is