Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 1

Q1. The ratio of amplitude of voltage oscillation to the amplitude of current oscillation in a LC circuit zero-input response is

Q2. For a series ac R-L-C circuit with R=2 \(\Omega\), L=1 H, C= 1 F, and \(V_m=230\:V\), the current \(I_m \) at resonance is

Q3. Two wires are of equal length. One is bent into square loop and the other circular loop. They are suspended in uniform magnetic field and the same current is passed through them. The torque will be

Q4. What is the mutual inductances between two coaxial solenoids of radius \(R_1\) and \(R_2\) with \(n_1\) and \(n_2\) turns/m carrying currents \(I_1\) and \(I_2\) \((R_2 > R_1)\)

Q5. Determine the ohmmeter value in the given network when \(R=1\:\Omega\) .

Q6. If the supply volrage is 160 V,the value of power dissipated in the \(15\:\Omega\) resistor will be:

Q7. In a two wattmeter method if power factor is 0.5, then one of the wattmeters will read

Q8. In the measurement of power by two wattmeter method, when the readings of the two wattmeters are equal and opposite, it can be concluded that the power factor is

Q9. 1 Ah charge = ___________.

Q10. In following figure, if \(i_1 = i_2 =i_3 = 10 A\), then find \(i_4\).