Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 1

Q1. In a full-wave rectifier using two ideal diodes,\(V_{dc}\) & \(V_m\) are the dc & peak values of the voltage respectively across a resistive load. If PIV is the peak inverse voltage of the diode, then the appropriate relationships for this rectifier is.

Q2. Who prepares and publishes national electricity policy and tariff policy ?

Q3. Who is the national nodal agency to implement the Energy Conservation Act-2001?

Q4. In an R-C phase shift oscillator, the minimum no. of R-C networks to be connected in cascade will be

Q5. The point in a power system where no protection is provided is called a

Q6. The value of 110111 in decimal system is

Q7. ________signal will become zero when the feedback signal and reference signal are equal.

Q8. The Electricity act ________ is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to transform the power sector in India.

Q9. Number of converter used in static scherbius drive

Q10. A chopper operating at fixed frequency is feeding R - L load. As the duty ratio of the chopper is increased from 25% to 75% the ripple in the load current