Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 2

Q1. Bundled conductors are employed to improve

Q2. For measurement of inductance having high value, we should use

Q3. Which of the following are the Types of Preventive Maintenance ?

Q4. ______ gate is referred as inverter.

Q5. An electric heater draws 1000 watts from a 250 V source. What power will be drawn by this heater from a 200 V source?

Q6. Form factor is

Q7. The Laplace transform of \(e^{-at} \sin \omega t \:u(t)\) is:

Q8. In a clocked SR flip-flop, R is connected with S through an inverter, the cricuit is called

Q9. A good op-amp has

Q10. A load cell is a