Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 3

Q1. __________type Instruments has identical calibration for AC as well as DC values.

Q2. When forward bias is applied to a junction diode, it

Q3. Which among these is a type of internal wiring?
(I) Cleat wiring
(II) Metal conduit wiring
(III) Lead sheath wiring

Q4. A Series R-C circuit can use as

Q5. In the spring controlled moving iron instruments the scale is

Q6. The smaller the lagging reactive power drawn by the circuit,

Q7. Most SCRs can be turned off by voltage reversal during negative half cycle of the AC supply for

Q8. An RLC series circuit consists of \(R=16\:\Omega\),\(L=5\:mH\) and \(C=2\:\mu F\). Calculate the quality factor.

Q9. A THHN conductor will have \(75^\circ C\) termination on one end and a \(60/75^\circ C\) termination on the other, which ampacity column will be used?

Q10. Which one of the following does not cause permanent damage of an SCR