Year 2023

Week # 3 Quiz 2

Q1. In which of the following load flow studies of a power system does the number of iterations required for convergence increase with the size of the system?

Q2. Solar thermal power generation can be achieved by

Q3. The miniature circuit breaker(MCB) shown in Fig. is a ___________.

Q4. A shunt fault is characterised by_____________

Q5. Which of the following power station is having HVDC transmission line?

Q6. Corona results in

Q7. The area under the load curve represents

Q8. In the protection scheme, relay function as a

Q9. The ratio of drop-off value to pick-up value of a relay is known as ___________.

Q10. An n- channel JFET has \(V_p = -6 \:v\), and \(g_m = 0.25 \: mA/V\). What will be the value of \(I_{DSS}\) for an applied gate to source voltage \(V_{GS} = - 3 V\) ?