Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 2

Q1. A mho relay is a

Q2. The expression for voltage regulation of a short transmission line for leading Power factor is given by: ……………….., where, 'I' is the line current, \(V_R\) is the receiving end voltage, 'R' is the line resistance and 'X' is the line reactance.

Q3. Demand factor is defined as:

Q4. The Per unit system is not applicable to

Q5. Operating time of a Buchholz relay is of the order of

Q6. As per the electricity regulations in India the maximum permissible voltage change at consumer premises should be _______ of declared voltage

Q7. The main advantage of ac transmission over DC transmission system is

Q8. Earthing is used to give protection against ........................

Q9. The surge diverter protects substation equipment against

Q10. An n- channel JFET has \(V_p = -6 \:v\), and \(g_m = 0.25 \: mA/V\). What will be the value of \(I_{DSS}\) for an applied gate to source voltage \(V_{GS} = - 3 V\) ?